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Isabel March is the creator of graphics, photography, costumes and set design; she takes care of artistic make up and styling.

She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, the Faculty of New Media Art. She defended her master’s degree in 2016, with her work entitled WHO ARE YOU? WHO AM I ?, which was a complex analysis of her own identity.

Photo of Isabel March
Isabel March WHO ARE YOU? WHO AM I?

Her company, Isabel March Art & Design deals with a wide range of artistic activities. Herfield of work encompasses various interrelated fields of art, which results in the creation of unusual artistic projects.

Since 2009, she has been cooperating with the business network in the production of artistic company calendars for COMP, Elzab, Novitus and Mercedes.

Isabel March Mercedes Art Design
Isabel March - Modern Geisha

As a result of experience gained during many years of work and skills learned on numerous courses, the artist is able to cleverly combine classical techniques – painting and sculpture, with modern ones – photography, graphics or haute couture. Drawing inspiration from rich achievements and experiences, gives rise to novel concepts.

Photography occupies the first place in Isabel March’s work. An important part of her portfolio is music photography . A long-time association with the Lenny Kravitz band resulted in joint trips to concert tours, from which the artist created a series of reportages in 2009-2015.

Isabel March also provided a photography service for big cultural events (including Venice Carnival 2007, numerous fashion shows and music festivals) and sports events (including F1 Grand Prix Monaco).

The years 2009-2014 saw her artistic journey to Namibia. The result of this trip was the release of the album called Africa. Space and People, which tells the story of the real Africa, which year after year is slowly disappearing.

Black and white photographs show the unpredictability of African nature and the life of Namibian tribes. The author tried to capture real, authentic people in her lens, whose fate involvedhardship and struggles with the surrounding nature, but who at the same time were happy and living in harmony with the natural environment.

Isabel March Namibia
Isabel March Namibia
Isabel March Beautiful Africa Edith Mbella Gallery
Isabel March Beautiful Africa Edith Mbella Gallery photo

These works were presented at the Beautiful Africa exhibition at the Madrid Edith Mbella Gallery, and now they can be viewed at and atthe artist’s private gallery in Paris.

The year 2013 was Isabe’s March return to the world of music. The artist had already begun her cooperation with the Warsaw Hearstudio, where she dealt with the creation of musical forms of video. She also collaborated with Thomas Lang, world-renowned drummer virtuoso, whom she photographed on the Bag Show scene surrounded by artists such as Mike Mangini, Jeff Hamilton and Damien Schmitt.

Isabel March Artist
Linia oddzielająca
Isabel March Artist

Working intensively in the field of photography, she began to look for new ways of expressing the never-ending need to create.

In 2015, she co-authored, where she got the post of the chief designer. She designed costumes for award-winning calendars, cosmic female creations from Futuristic Woman for the company Elzab and Cirque for the company Novitus, which are the quintessence of European circus culture.

Isabel March Artist
Isamel March individual projects

Each project initiated by Isabel March was individual and unique. It was carried out professionally and with great commitment. Scenography and costumes were mostly proprietary projects made for the needs of specific requests, created by specialists.

The years 2015 and 2016 also saw large photographic projects andsearching for new artistic challenges in fashion and design. which resulted in collection of avant-garde dresses and accessories inspired by the life and work of Frida Kahlo and the cultural heritage of Mexico. The collection was presented in 2016 during the Warsaw Fashion Week fashion show.

Collection Fridy by Isabel March
Collection Fridy by Isabel March
Isabel March Artist
Isabel MArch in work 1

Each project initiated by Isabel is unique and you can see the artist’s character in it. It proves her special approachto art. She always starts her work with thorough analysis and preparation – a photographic frame, a sketch of costumes, a sculpture concept, a set design or a choice of models. The final effects are the evidence of the enormity of her work and dedication that she put into each task entrusted to her.

As a part of her creative and business activities, the artist brings together a team of professional collaborators, with whom she is able to take on any challenge in the field of art.

Isabel March Artist
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She runs artistic activities in Warsaw and in Paris, where she currently lives and works on new projects.