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Project Description


The intention of the project was to create a series of colorful photographs are like frozen frames. The shots are full of action. Semi-darkness and harshness of factory buildings, gloomy backstreets and railway sidings are the places where only few dare to turn up, the places ideal for informal meetings and shady mafia businesses.

The gangster movies, full of the atmosphere of 20’s and 30’s of the XX century, were the inspiration for the project. Most of all: “The Little Giant”, “The Great Gatsby”, “Public Enemies”, Scarface” and “Pepe le moko”. 20’s and 30’s were the wild years of American Prohibition, which created favorable conditions for mafia’s prosperity.

But the charm of mafia of Al Capone’s times consists in that it appears to have a class. This is why handsome mafiosos with puckish smile, beautiful sexy women, and first of all stylish Mercedes cars are in the centre of the scenery. The essence of the taste, chic and elegance. Female models’ bodies are covered with airy, delicate materials. The femininity is emphasized by, typical of this period, sequin fabrics. Hairstyles, headdresses, and the whole stylization have been created according to the trends of 20’s and 30’s. Male models are wearing well-cut tweed suits, white shirts, shined shoes and perfect hats. Cars are carefully selected Mercedes models with their own history, symbols of luxury and prestige, automobile pearls, causing all generation to sigh with admiration.

Project Details