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Project Description



Mercedes Silver Star is an extraordinary art project created as a result of inspiration with the tradition and heritage of the Mercedes-Benz brand. It combines various areas of art, such as photography, dance and bodypainting. The issue comprises 13 photographs, the subject and aesthetics of which refer to ideas promoted by 20th century futurists. The calendar’s leading theme is harmony between humans and machines. The photographs showing the juxtaposition of technological excellence of a car with the beauty of female body illustrate the close relationship of contemporary societies and continuously developing technology. The sensual poses assumed by the models on the set, combining ballet and sport acrobatics, have been complemented with a special stage design element, in the form of the iconic Mercedes-Benz logo. The model and the star become one, enchanted together in matter, motionless, they create the perfect solid. The spatial figures resulting from the avant-garde form as well as their futuristic and sensual content are a reference to symbols and popular perceptions of Mercedes-Benz cars. The dynamic sculptures draw on car aerodynamics.

The bodies covered with silver, metallic paint shimmer like sport cars. The musculature and strength emanating from tightened muscles reflect the exceptional engine power. The models have been styled as little as possible. The primary emphasis is on the perfection of the body. The bold make-up and hairstyles emphasise the futuristic nature of the characters and increase the sense of prestige and luxury associated with Mercedes-Benz.